Strategic Plan

View the current Kingborough Council Strategic Plan 2015-2025

This Kingborough Strategic Plan 2015-2025 will provide the necessary direction for the future delivery of services by Kingborough Council. Council is very conscious of the fact that these services significantly influence the quality of life of local residents and that Council has an important role in addressing issues that are important to the community.

Kingborough Council Strategic Plan 2015-2025.

This Strategic Plan updates the previous Strategic Plan 2010-2020. It has been prepared following an extensive process of public consultation and a review of the many issues that have arisen in recent years. It is intended that the proposed Plan best reflects both the views of the Kingborough community and the adopted policies, programs and priorities of the Council itself.

The Plan takes into account the challenges within the current economic climate and expectations of continued population growth. Over the next 20 years, Kingborough is predicted to have the greatest increase in population compared to all other municipalities in Tasmania. This Plan has taken into account the need to respond to the subsequent impacts on the environment, community and public infrastructure.

The Strategic Plan focuses on Kingborough’s strengths, it’s location within the region and the need to deliver significant projects that will provide the greatest community benefit. It deals with all of the Council’s operations and considers how services are delivered, how we engage with and serve our community and how the organisation is governed and administered. Council will need to identify the core and discretionary spending required to implement the Plan, how to most efficiently deliver the services and will also need to explore other sources of funding.

There is a statutory requirement for all Tasmanian councils to prepare a strategic plan. The Local Government Act 1993 (Sec.66) requires that Council prepare a strategic plan for the municipal area. The Act also requires Council to prepare an Annual Plan and this must state the manner in which the goals and objectives of the Strategic Plan are.

View or download the Kingborough Council Annual Plan 2016-17, which was adopted by Council 27 June, 2016.