Public Consultation on Draft 2024-25 Council Budget

Kingborough Council is releasing its Draft 2024-25 Budget for community consultation. Before the 24/25 Council Budget is finalised by the elected Councillors in June 2024, we are seeking your input. This year, Council is proposing a 12% increase in rates which for the average residential ratepayer is $232 per annum or approximately $4.50 per week (figures based on a home worth $650,000).

View the Draft 2024/25 Budget .

To view the Snapshot (a brief outline of the allocations of each of the different areas within the Council’s 2024/25 Draft Budget).

How can you provide your input?

Feedback can be provided to Council via written or emailed submissions. All feedback will be given to Councillors as they consider the draft budget.

Feedback can be provided from Wednesday 3 April until 1 May 2024 by either:

Why are we increasing Rates?

In recent times, Council has faced challenges with rising costs associated with maintaining and building infrastructure projects.

These increased expenses have had a noticeable effect on the financial position of Council, with an operating loss of $ 2.3 million projected for the current financial year and $2.9 million projected for the 24/25 financial year.

Increasing costs also means our assets are worth more. This results in significantly more depreciation costs to Council. Depreciation is the loss of value of our assets as they age, wear out or become obsolete.

Along with an increase cost for maintenance, Council has been investing in our community assets such as roads, stormwater and sport and recreational facilities so that our community is supported as it continues to grow. This includes adapting to the community’s expectations around high levels of service. As the cost of construction continues to rise, it has become necessary for us to improve our position.

This will mean we can adequately maintain and eventually replace our community assets worth more than $850 million which includes roads, footpaths, stormwater systems and our facilities like the Kingborough Sports Centre and Kingston Park. All of these play a role in making sure the community has the facilities it needs to thrive now and into the future. We must make sure that Council has the necessary money to carry out this vital work.

Council is responsible for a wide range of community services and facilities.

Examples of Community Facilities

  • 552 kms of roads (80% of all Kingborough roads)
  • 247 km of footpaths
  • 70km approx. of tracks and trails
  • 171 culverts and bridges
  • 30,000 square metres of carparks
  • 280km of kerb and channel
  • 32 jetties and boat ramps
  • 348 km of stormwater infrastructure
  • 100 (over) reserves, parks and open spaces
  • 16 sporting ovals as well the Sports Centre
  • 19 community halls
  • 47 playgrounds including 4.6 hectares at Kingston Park
  • 25 public toilets
  • 42 community BBQs
  • 1 Mountain bike park
  • 4 skateparks and 2 pump tracks
  • 1800 Street lights
  • 21 community tennis courts

Examples of Community Services

  • 11,000 tonnes of rubbish – through kerbside and drop off p.a
  • 2100 tonnes of recycling p.a
  • 2700 tonnes of FOGO processed p.a
  • Administered 5900 dog registrations p.a
  • Management of 168 hectares of nature reserves
  • 419 development applications for building p.a
  • 815 building and plumbing applications p.a
  • Implement the Bruny Island Cat by-law & state regulations
  • Weed Management
  • Work with the community to manage nuisance and unowned cats
  • 715 water samples for stormwater & beach watch p.a
  • 40,000 customer service phone calls p.a
  • 2370 immunisations administered through the immunisation program p.a
  • 136 community workshops and events provided p.a
  • 16 Community Grants/Quick Responses Grants supporting community groups p.a
  • 15 Community education events for disaster readiness such as bushfire p.a
Why are rates going up now?

Just as households have seen prices increase Council has too. Over the past four years, Council has been keeping rate rises low, ensuring we didn’t add to the economic stresses brought on by the impact of Covid-19 from 2020 – 2022.

Last year when inflation was very high Kingborough kept the rate increases far lower than many other Councils. With costs continuing to rise, this means an increase is now necessary to meet the growing demands for service within our community.

We also need to make sure that we have enough resources for the future to replace and maintain our community assets. The operating loss for 23/24 financial year is $2.3M and the draft operating loss for 24/25 is $2.9M.

Please see some of the capital projects proposed for the 24/25 financial year below:

Some Capital Projects for 24/25


  • Silverwater Park toilet replacement $331,000
  • Rowleys Road bridge approach sealing $20,500
  • Thomas Road (vicinity of 4 – 110) resheeting $107,000


  • Trial Bay Foreshore toilet replacement $331,000


  • Channel Highway (south from the School) Snug footpath $425,000
  • Davies Road reconstruction $825,000
  • Snug Tiers Road (vicinity of 166) bridge approach sealing $23,000
  • Snug River (north) Track upgrade $41,400

Blackmans Bay

  • Sherburd Oval Clubrooms Upgrade $466,000
  • Wells Parade (Illawarra-Suncoast) reconstruction design $20,000
  • Algona Road shared path feasibility study $40,000
  • Stirling Ave storm water upgrade $151,000

Allens Rivulet:

  • North West Bay River Trail – Stage 2 $199,000


  • Pelverata Road (vicinity of 609) $820,000
  • Pelverata Road (vicinity of 239-379) spray seal $115,000


  • Channel Heritage Museum rockface rehabilitation $200,000
  • Dru Point Timber Play Ship replacement $132,600
  • Margate Tramway Track upgrade $ 27,000

Bruny Island:

  • Adventure Bay Cemetery Columbarium Wall $10,000
  • Adventure Bay Exercise Equipment replacement $116,000
  • Alonnah Playground renewal $69,000
  • Cloudy Bay Road (vicinity 202 – 884) resheeting $469,000


  • Boronia Hill Royce Thompson track upgrade $84,500
  • Kingston Mountain Bike Park dirt jump ramps $61,000
  • Kingston View Drive (School vicinity) asphalt reseal $160,000
  • Channel Highway Westside Court to Whitewater path upgrade $150,000
  • Church St/Beach Rd Junction signalisation $250,000
  • Ewing Ave storm water upgrade $388,500


  • Taroona Bowls Club disability parking – design $20,000
  • Harrow Place (vicinity 2-18) asphalt reseal $43,000
  • Stewart Crescent reconstruction design $40,000
  • Baringa Road/Wandella Road storm water upgrade $ 400,000

Leslie Vale:

  • Leslie Road (vicinity of 192-436) resheeting  $221,000


  • Three Hut Point recreation carpark upgrade $25,000


  • Esplanade Middleton culvert upgrade $166,000
Financial help with paying rates

Council understands that some community members may have difficulty paying their rates during times of financial hardship. That’s why we encourage anyone to reach out to us for assistance on 6211 8200 or via email . Our team can then work with you to establish a payment schedule that aligns with your individual circumstances, in accordance with our Hardship policy.