Fines & Infringements

The following list details the parking infringements and fines chargeable for the current financial year. If you have received a parking fine, please see our information on how to make a payment.

Please see the Monetary Penalties Enforcement page regarding the recovery of unpaid fines and applications to withdraw or enter into a payment arrangement.

Parking infringement Current fine
Disobey no stopping sign $100
Disobey no parking sign $70
Park on yellow line $100
Disobey clearway sign $100
Disobey clearway sign $70
Stop in loading zone $70
Exceed time limit in loading zone $70
Stop in taxi zone $70
Stop in bus zone $70
Stop in permit zone $70
Stop in mail zone $70
Stop in bicycle lane $70
Stop to obstruct traffic $100
Stop within 1m of fire hydrant/indicator/fire plug $70
Stop within 20m of approach to or within 10m after bus stop sign $70
Stop on bicycle path/footpath/dividing strip/nature strip in built up area $70
Stop on a painted island $70
Obstruct access to/from footpath ramp $70
Stop on/across driveway or similar $70
Stop within 3m of public post box $70
Park in area for people with disabilities $150
Exceed time limit (Park continuously for longer than permitted by sign) $50
Fail to park vehicle wholly within parking bay $70