Council Cemeteries

Burial Plot ReservationsSingle$1032
Double Side By Side$2064
Memorial WallsAshes Placement$364
Reservation Fee$183
Adventure Bay CemeteryAdventure Bay Road, Adventure Bay(03) 6211 8200
Adventure Bay Cemetery memorial wallAdventure Bay Road, Adventure Bay(03) 6293 1381
Alonnah CemeteryBruny Main Road, Alonnah(03) 6211 8200
Kettering Cemetery (single depth only)Channel Highway, Kettering(03) 6211 8200
Middleton Cemetery SunnybanksSunnybanks Road, Middleton(03) 6211 8200
North-West Bay CemeterySandfly Road, Margate(03) 6211 8200
Lunawanna (closed cemetery)Cemetery Beach Road, Lunawanna(03) 6211 8200
Settlers Park (closed)67 Channel Highway, Kingston(03) 6211 8200
Woodbridge (closed cemetery)Channel Highway, Woodbridge(03) 6211 8200

Memorial Walls are located at the following cemeteries:
Adventure Bay, Alonnah, North West Bay and Middleton (Sunnybanks)