Kingston Park Artists Involvement

Artists Involvement throughout Kingston Park Playground

Kingston park precinct artists

Kingborough Council commissioned original work from a variety of artists to enhance the different precincts of Kingston Park.  As you explore Skinks in the She-Oaks, you’ll spot Roland Gabriel’s carved wood sculptures – but you’ll need to dig beneath the sand to discover Gerhard Mausz’s Ghost of the Thylacine.  Allan Mansell’s uniquely Tasmanian motifs of birds and animals are found at each precinct gateway, along with writer Chris Viney’s evocative poems.  The dramatic and interactive installations by the Agency of Sculpture are featured throughout Kingston Park.




Artistic Involvement – Videos

Interview with Ben Gilbert – Agency of Sculpture on the Kingston Park Playground equipment.
Interview with Roland Gabatel and Gerhard Mausz on the Kingston Park Playground equipment.
Interview with Miriam Shevland – park designer and Allan Mansell on the nature play at Kingston Park Playground.