Kingborough Reserves

Kingborough Natural Areas Network







Kingborough has a number of beautiful reserves within its Natural Areas Network.  These Natural Areas are tracts of native bushland, established for the purposes of conservation, protection and education.  Most of the reserves contain significant ecological processes and are habitats for threated flora and fauna.

A number of initiatives have contributed to the preservation of these reserves while creating unique nature based recreational opportunities for residents and visitors.  Enjoy hiking, walking, riding, trotting or biking through a number of these beautiful natural areas and explore a number of dedicated ‘Tracks and Trails‘ have been created within or adjoining Kingborough’s Reserves.

See below to find out what Council is doing to manage our Natural Areas and how to get involved or take a closer look into one of our beautiful reserves and plan your next adventure.




Kingborough Reserves

Barretta ReserveMARGATE
Boronia Beach ReserveKINGSTON
Boronia Hills ReserveKINGSTON
Browns River EstuaryKINGSTON
Hawthorn ReserveKINGSTON
Manuka Hills ReserveKETTERING
Margate RivuletMARGATE
Nierinna Creek ReserveMARGATE

Peggys Beach ReserveKINGSTON
Tinderbox Hills ReserveBLACKMANS BAY
Tramway Hill ReserveMARGATE
Whitewater Creek ReserveKINGSTON