Hawthorn Reserve

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Hawthorn Reserve

DESCRIPTIONNestled between Peter Murrell Reserve and Boronia Hill, Hawthorn Reserve is a precious bushland remnant with a rich history. Once part of a vast forest, it now stands as an isolated island, surrounded by development. What makes this reserve truly special is its unique vegetation community—a black peppermint forest and woodland on sandstone. Sadly, extensive clearing since European settlement has threatened this ecosystem, with approximately 70% lost to agriculture, housing, and commercial development.

Within this delicate ecosystem, over 100 native plant species thrive. Tall shrubs like silver wattle, silver banksia, and native cherry stand alongside smaller understorey species such as broom spurge and golden pea. But the real stars of Hawthorn Reserve are its orchids. Among them, the endangered blackhood sun-orchid holds a special place. Limited to just five sites in Tasmania, three of which are here in Kingborough, this orchid’s survival depends on careful conservation efforts. The green sun-orchid, endemic to Tasmania, also graces the reserve.
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No fires

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TRACKS AND TRAILSThere are no directly linking tracks from Hawthorn Reserve, however its location is nestled between Boronia Reserve, Algona Reserve and Peter Murrel Reserve.