Air Quality

You can view current air quality data for locations around Tasmania, at the Department of Health and Human Services’ air quality web page.  

Wood heaters

Smoke from wood heaters can contribute to excessive levels of fine particles in the air. It can also be an environmental nuisance for neighbours. If you own or use a wood heater is important to know how to keep your emissions as low as you can.

View more information on how to use your wood heater:

Burn Brighter this Winter (PDF)

Improving Air Quality (PDF)

Open air burning

An open air fire can be used for cooking food, heating liquids or for warmth. If it is not being used for these purposes, Council’s By-laws do not permit the use of open air fires or incinerators on any premises that is:

  • smaller than 2000 square metres
  • within or partly within a residential zone (which are defined in the Kingborough Interim Planning Scheme 2015).

If you do have an incinerator or open air fire, it must be positioned:

  • no less than 5 metres from any boundary of the property
  • no less than 30 metres from any dwelling not on the property
  • clear of any overhanging foliage or other combustible material.

You cannot burn materials on an open air fire or incinerator that causes a nuisance, is unsafe, or is dangerous to health.

Incinerators must be maintained in good order and fitted with a lid and spark arrester to prevent ash or other particles from escaping.

When there is a total fire ban, you cannot burn an open air fire or incinerator at all.

For more information view the Health and Environmental Services By-law 3 of 2011 (PDF)

Complaints about neighbourhood smoke

If you are having problems with smoke from a neighbouring property, we suggest that you first speak to the parties directly involved and discuss alternative solutions. If you do this and the issue still exists then you may choose to make a written complaint to Council.

In this complaint, please make sure you have detailed dates and times relating to when the smoke has been an issue and the address of where it is coming from to assist us in our investigation.

Council may be unable to effectively deal with anonymous complaints and does not become involved in neighbour disputes.

If you would like to lodge a complaint please contact us on (03) 6211 8200.