Stormwater to Sea Project

The Stormwater to Sea project was developed to open the community’s eyes to stormwater pollution.  Stormwater is rain that runs off surfaces where water cannot penetrate, this runoff then collects soils, organic materials, litter, fertilisers, oil residues and other pollutants which in turn find their way to our rivers and sea.

Stormwater to Sea project harnessed the talent of local youth over the school holidays to inspire the development of street art stencils.

The stencils have been placed in prime locations around Kingborough by local Kingborough Primary Schools to remind everyone that stormwater is connected to our waterways. The main message promoted is ‘Only Rain in our Drains’.

Throughout summertime, Kingborough’s Environmental Health Officers will be out each week, sampling our popular swimming beaches with results posted to the Derwent Estuary’s Beach Watch program. Swimming is not advised at any beach in the Derwent estuary for two days after heavy rain, as beaches are likely to be impacted by stormwater.

Kingston Primary School team
Margate Primary School team
Margate Primary School team
Illawarra Primary School team