Strategic Plan

View the current Kingborough Council Strategic Plan 2020-2025

This Strategic Plan updates the Kingborough Strategic Plan 2015-2025 following a review by Councillors, community members and staff.  It provides the direction for the future delivery of services by Kingborough Council, which influence the quality of life for residents and businesses.
The Council’s commitment is to put the community at the heart of our priorities and decisions.

The plan focuses on the unique elements of Kingborough and the challenges that it will face in the years to come.

The Plan is based upon three key priorities:
1.   Encourage and support a safe, healthy and connected community;
2.   Deliver quality infrastructure and services; and
3.   Sustaining the natural environment whilst facilitating development for our future.

Each priority is supported by five strategic outcomes that describe what Council aims to achieve, and that are consistent with its vision.

Actions to achieve these outcomes will be developed and included in a Service Delivery Plan.  Performance measures will be included in the Service Delivery Plan to enable Council to track its progress against each of the strategic outcomes. A summary of the key actions and projects
organised for each year will be provided in Council’s Annual Plan.

The Annual Report, which is presented at the Council’s Annual General Meeting, will provide the update as to how the strategic outcomes have been achieved throughout the year.

Kingborough Council Strategic Plan 2020-2025

There is a statutory requirement for all Tasmanian councils to prepare a strategic plan. The Local Government Act 1993 (Sec.66) requires that Council prepare a strategic plan for the municipal area. The Act also requires Council to prepare an Annual Plan and this must state the manner in which the goals and objectives of the Strategic Plan are.

View or download the Kingborough Council Annual Plan 2024/24, which was adopted by Council on 14 September 2020.