Advertised Planning Applications

The following planning application/s have been submitted to Kingborough Council for the purpose of obtaining approval. The applications are available for viewing via the map, or list below.

If you would like to lodge a representation, you have until the representation expiry date to submit a representation to Council.  The representation expiry date is 14 days from the date of advertisement. Representations must be provided in writing and should state the reasons why you support or object to the application.

Amendment PSA-2020-2 to the Kingborough Interim Planning Scheme 2015 has received approval by the Tasmanian Planning Commission and may be viewed during normal office hours at the public office of Kingborough Council, 15 Channel Highway, or on the website here.


If you cannot view the plans on the website, please contact us on (03) 6211 8200 for further assistance.

Address Advertised Date Submission Closing Date Purpose More Info
16 Groningen Road, Kingston 12 May 2021 25 May 2021 Three multiple dwellings (one existing) Application documentation
86A Ferry Road, Kettering 12 May 2021 25 May 2021 Outbuilding (shed) Application documentation
18 Crimson Drive, Margate 12 May 2021 25 May 2021 Outbuilding (shed) Application documentation
10 & 16 Marina Drive, Baretta 8 May 2021 21 May 2021 Alterations and extensions to fish processing facility Application documentation
P 2812 Halls Track Road, Sandfly (CT 33534/1) 5 May 2021 18 May 2021 Installation of antennae and equipment to existing Telstra tower - Readvertised Application documentation
18 Talone Road, Blackmans Bay 5 May 2021 18 May 2021 Five multiple dwellings, demolition of existing dwelling and outbuildings Application documentation
Lot 1 William Carte Drive, Alonnah (CT 9430/1) 5 May 2021 18 May 2021 Mills Reef Park (landscaping and minor earthworks only) - Public Park Application documentation
194 Roslyn Avenue, Blackmans Bay 5 May 2021 18 May 2021 Two multiple dwellings (one existing) and demolition of outbuildings Application documentation
13 Foley Road and 8 Fiani Court, Kingston 5 May 2021 18 May 2021 Subdivision (boundary adjustment) Application documentation
'Hazell Bros', 1521 Channel Highway, Margate 5 May 2021 18 May 2021 Storage (Cationic emulsion container) Application documentation
12 Blackwood Grove, Margate 1 May 2021 14 May 2021 Extension and alterations to dwelling, outbuilding (shed) and demolition of conjoined shed Application Documentation
37-39 Beach Road, Kingston Beach 1 May 2021 14 May 2021 Partial change of use to real estate agency with signage Application Documentation
17 Penola Drive, Leslie Vale 1 May 2021 14 May 2021 Dwelling Application Documentation
54 Davies Road, Lower Snug 1 May 2021 14 May 2021 Outbuilding (garage/shed) Application Documentation