Planning Scheme Amendments

Planning scheme amendments are requests received by Councils for amendments to planning schemes which sometimes includes a combined planning permit request.  These types of amendment applications are initiated under section 34 of the former provisions of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993.  This process requires Council to certify and advertise a draft amendment for public comment.  Any person may then provide comments to the Council within the prescribed period.  Council then considers any responses and reports to the Tasmanian Planning Commission.  Where comments are received, it is usual practice for the Commission to hold hearings and a decision, which provides opportunity for modifications where approved, is then made.


Current amendments open for public comment


Recently approved amendments

PSA-2021-2 – Amendment to the Kingborough Interim Planning Scheme 2015 to update the significant tree list in Table E24.1 of the Significant Trees Code

In accordance with section 42(3)(d) of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 notice is hereby given that the above-mentioned amendment to the Kingborough Interim Planning Scheme 2015 has received approval by the Tasmanian Planning Commission and will become effective on 12 September 2022.
A link to the Tasmanian Planning Commission’s decision and the amendment is provided below. The amendment can also be viewed during normal office hours at the public office of Kingborough Council, 15 Channel Highway, Kingston and on the Tasmanian Planning Commission’s Website at