Extension to Building Permits

During the COVID-19 pandemic, building work has been disrupted or delayed across the state, with some owners unable to complete work before their building permit expires. A Notice under the COVID-19 Disease (Emergency Provisions) Act 2020 has been issued to extend existing permits, which includes plumbing permits.

For more information visit our Extension to Building Permits page.

Plumbing Approvals

It is recommended that applications for Plumbing approvals should be made after any planning approvals have been finalised.

The plumbing approval process is generally as follows:

  1. Plumbing applications lodged – your submission should be prepared by a designer and will need to include a copy of the Title, working drawings, a Form 35 from the Plumbing Designer, soil test, a wastewater assessment if applicable, a certificate of Certifiable Work (Plumbing) from TasWater (if required), engineering design and specifications, and relevant consultant reports.
  2. Lodgement – your submission will be assessed to ensure all initial documentation has been provided with your application and contact you if further information is required. The Customer Service team will then lodge the application and send you the invoice to pay. Once it is paid, the application will be allocated to the Plumbing Department for assessment.
  3. Assessment – our officers will assess your applications and advise you in writing of the outcome of the assessment or to request further information.

If you are looking at upgrading or replacing your wastewater system, you will need to apply for a Plumbing permit. However, even if the plumbing work itself does not require a Planning Permit, the associated works (trenches, soakage areas etc.) may require a permit and assessment, including but not limited to:

  • where threatened vegetation or vegetation subject to the Biodiversity Protection Code or Scenic Protection Code will be impacted/removed
  • where the property is subject to the Heritage Code
  • where the works are within 30m of a wetland or watercourse
  • where the extent of works don’t meet the other limited exemptions listed in the Planning Scheme.

Please contact Council’s Customer Service Team on (03) 6211 8200 if you have any questions or are not sure of your particular requirements.

Plumbing information sheets

Plumbing forms