Kingborough Public Art Pieces (KIN Sculpture Trail)


Currently installed at Birchs Bay Art Farm


“When we encounter the enormous mass of a whale, we are struck by the insignificance of our own form and thus realise the true relationship that we share with our world. This work is a meeting place for the community and the people who visit the island and a source of discussion in acknowledging the symbiotic relationship that we have with the other inhabitants of the earth. The Inter-generational dependence of mother and calf depicts the continuity we experience from past and present.”

Installed at Adventure Bay Foreshore, Bruny Island

SEED – Dean Chatwin | 2014

Tragopogon porrifolius – otherwise known as common salsify, goatsbeard, Jerusalem star, John-go-to-bed-at-noon, Joseph’s flower, or oyster plant – is a ‘blow-in’ that grows unintentionally in my home’s front yard. Here I can study and reflect on its attractive purple flowers and arresting seed head that resembles that of a giant dandelion. Inspired by the forms of the individual seeds, their fragility and elegant umbrella-like shape, I scale them to enormous proportions to create other-worldly forms.

Installed at Blackmans Bay Foreshore

BIOTIC FORMS – Ulrike Hora

Currently installed at Birchs Bay Art Farm as part of the 2021 Sculpture Trail

WEATHER GIRL – Pirjo Julola

Currently installed at the gym at Kingborough Sports Centre, 10 Kingston View Drive, Kingston

CELLO – Mike Limb

Mike Limb is a performing arts graduate and a qualified sheet metal tradesman and has worked in different areas of metal fabrication and the media.
He has combined his metalcraft skills with his creative background to make award-winning sculptures.

Located at the Kingborough Community Hub, Crn Pardalote Pde/Goshawk Way, Kingston

JOIN ME FOR A DRINK – Simon Pankhurst 2011|Steel

Join Me for a Drink won the 2011 Benchmaking-Birchs Bay Acquisition prize.

This work made entirely of reclaimed metal.

Simon Punkhurst is a full-time sculptural blacksmith and former Kingborough resident.

Installed at Civic Centre, 15 Channel Highway, Kingston

TIN TUNA – Shane Suris

Intended installation: Silverwater Park, Woodbridge

FARMERS BALL – Keith Smith |2013

Installed at Kingston Wetlands

IN THE FUTURE – Keith Smith |2015

Installed at Kingston Wetlands

CURRAWONG – Ned Trewartha |2011

Installed at KIN Creative Space, Beach Road, Kingston

SUNDIAL – Dan Tucker

Installed at Kingborough Civic Centre Atrium, 15 Channel Highway Kingston

THE UMBRELLA – Anna Williams|2022

Installed at Birchs Bay Art Farm until February 2023