Donohoe Gardens


A decision was made by Council at the 6 February 2023 Council Meeting not to proceed with any redevelopment of Donohoe Gardens Park. The reason discussed at the meeting was that engagement with residents by Council Staff and Councillors identified that the community did not want any upgrades to the park. Councillors decided subsequently to relocate funding for the project towards the upgrade of Mt Royal Park.


This engagement is now closed. If you wish to submit further feedback, please write to or call us on 6211 8200.

Kingborough Council is currently reviewing the park and playground at 13 Donohoe Gardens – Kingston Beach and have engaged Susan Small Landscape Architects (SSLA) to undertake this review and subsequent redevelopment. A budget has been allocated, and the redevelopment will follow the Kingborough Play Space and Playground Strategy 2020-2025.

SSLA and Kingborough Council consulted with local residents during a walk and talk in the park on 18 and 21 January 2023 to better understand the current usage of the park and what community expectations are, so as to better inform the redevelopment plan.

Possible changes to the park may include adding nature play elements, changes to existing play equipment, provision of paths, sitting areas, trees for shade, birds and amenity.

We wanted to know:

  • What this park means to you?
  • What is special about this site?
  • Who the current users of the site, how do people use the park, and the
    times of the day/ night / weekend the park is used?
  • Any current issues we should consider?
  • What activities you would like to see for the future development?

Engagement Inform Design

in 2023 – Council will consult with the local resident users and stakeholders on the possible changes and then inform community of the next stages in the project.