Tinderbox Beach Shoreline Erosion Management

The community survey is now closed.

Public consultation closed on 19 August 2022. Council endorsed the engagement report at the 5 December 2022 Council Meeting.

Feedback from this report will inform any future landscape planning and beach access improvements and will be considered by Council as part of Council’s annual budget process.

Tinderbox Beach Public Consultation Report

The Beach

Tinderbox Beach is a popular spot for swimming, snorkeling and boating. The small sandy beach and rock platforms offer a sheltered place to relax and explore the Channel.

What is Happening at the Beach

Erosion at the back of the beach is natural and has been occurring for a long time but is becoming more noticeable. During storm events and high tides the waves can hit the back of the soft shore and cause sections of the bank to collapse. The small trees that shade the beach are now being impacted as their roots are exposed to the waves. The park behind the shore has become quite vulnerable from the receding shoreline.


Council has sought to understand how this section of beach is changing and what it might look like in the future as the erosion and gradual sea level rise continue. Dr Chris Sharples has recently completed a geomorphological assessment on the shoreline erosion.  Council is now in the process of determining the best management practices and possible remedial actions for the beach.

Community Feedback

To help us determine how to manage the impact of the erosion on the beach and park Council would like to hear how you use this area, and what you think about the possible management options.

Get Involved

Council held a community discussion on Saturday 9 July 2022 to understand the findings of Dr Chris Sharples report and discuss the possible erosion management options for the area. The meeting was very well attended by the local community. If you were unable to attend the discussion you can still get involved by reading Dr Sharples report here .