Spring Farm Estate – Open Space

The public consultation has now closed.

In the past three years, approximately 600 residential lots have been created in the Spring Farm and Whitewater Park Estate developments. Council is now beginning consultation with the community on the development of the Public Open Space land in Spring Farm Estate.


The site is located on Spring Farm Road adjacent to Whitewater Creek.

The land has a central stand of trees that will be retained as native bushland habitat and left undeveloped except for some additional native plants and grasses. The remaining open land will be developed into a play/recreation space for the community.

Project Budget:

Council has provided an allocation of $200,000 funding to develop this Public Open Space. This funding includes design work, consultation and installation of play equipment, pathways, park furniture etc.

Council has also provided $269,000 in funding this year to develop a shared use path along Whitewater Creek in Spring Farm Estate to link up with the existing Whitewater Creek track. The new path will go right past the Spring Farm Play Space.

How will feedback guide design?

Council wanted to receive feedback about the most important elements that the public would like to see included in the design for this open space.

This means collecting feedback on choices about play and exercise equipment, seating, shelter, walkways, information signs and anything else the community believes is a priority for this space.

It is important to understand that whilst community feedback forms an important part of the decision process, the budget is finite, and construction costs will guide the design outcome equally.

The survey is now complete and the results have been collated. Council will provide the survey information to a Landscape Architect to design a plan for this space. The draft plan will then be presented to the community, so they know what to expect in this space.


The public consultation has now closed. An engagement report has been presented to Council and on 19 September 2022. The collated feedback will inform the design plan for this playspace. The report is available for download below.