Nierinna Creek Reserve

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RESERVENierinna Creek Reserve 
DESCRIPTIONRunning along Nierinna Creek, Margate between Lawless Road and Burnaby Drive, this reserve is accessed by vehicle at either end. Majestic old growth trees are scattered along the Reserve, with trunks greater than 1 metre wide and tree hollows that take over 100 years to form. Wet Blue gum forest runs along the creek at the top of the reserve, with wet Stringybark forest running creekside for most of the reserves length. Sedgy dry Stringybark forest covers drier hillsides above the creek with the occasional Blue gum or Black gum.

The Burnaby Drive end of the Reserve is being revegetated back to Black gum forest. With a grassy forest understorey, this park-like area has a couple majestic Black gums and White gums standing at either end and a bird watching dam.

There are multiple access points to this reserve.
Street parking available via Mount Royal Road and Jindabyne Road.


LANDCARE/VOLUNTEER GROUPTrack cared for by the Tramway Hill Landcare Group.

Tramway Hill Landcare Group in Margate was formed in 2000 and is a group of environmentally conscious people who are happy to roll their sleeves up and take care of public open spaces for all to enjoy.
ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENTRevegetation of Black gum forest at Burnaby Drive end.
TRACKS AND TRAILSNierinna Creek Track - Click here for map and extract from Kingborough's Tracks - For walkers, horse riders and cyclists (6th Edition 42 Tracks).