Browns River Saltmarsh

The Project

Kingborough Council is embarking on a new project to install a walking track and viewing platform in the Browns river saltmarsh area. The project will also include planting some locally native saltmarsh plants and shrubs, holding several community events, a change in some current management practices, and the closure of several informal tracks in the saltmarsh. The viewing platform will facilitate birdwatching, art, photography, and general contemplation of this incredible place.

The driving force behind this project is to restore this beautiful and important area and invite people to experience and learn about the saltmarsh ecosystem. The saltmarsh is a threatened vegetation community and recent surveys have shown a decline in the system’s health. Council will follow best practices to address the factors contributing to this decline, including reducing the impact of foot traffic.

What you can do

The project would benefit from the input of people already connected with the area, future visitors to the saltmarsh and people with an interest. There is some scope to change the project design based on the suggestions from the community and subsequently I would like to hear from people so that I might incorporate your knowledge and ideas into the project. What is special? What is missing? What is important to you? How do you use the space? How would you like to use the space? Would you like to be involved with this project? This project is designed to be sympathetic to this secluded and natural place and we welcome any constructive feedback, suggestions, or interest in participating in the project.

We have opened an online forum for this project where you can have your say and tell us your ideas.

You can also contact Bridget Jupe, Kingborough Council: