Significant Trees

Significant Tree Policy

Many of the trees found in our parks, gardens and road reserves have significant aesthetic, cultural and/or historical importance. In acknowledging these important values Kingborough Council decided to establish a Significant Tree Policy.

The policy outlines the process and the criteria to be considered for the listing or delisting of significant trees Table E24.1 of the Kingborough Interim Planning Scheme 2015.

Currently, there are 668 trees listed in Table E24.1 of the Kingborough Interim Planning Scheme, all of which can be viewed below.

What makes a tree significant?

A tree must meet the requirements of one or more categories of significance that will act to set the tree apart from others of its type to be included on in the planning scheme.

  • Aesthetic significance
  • Size (height, circumference, canopy)
  • Age
  • Landscape significance
  • Historical significance
  • Rarity of species, variety or genome
  • Unusual physical features

How to manage your significant tree?

Download a copy of our ‘How to manage your registered tree’ brochure for more detailed information on your roles and responsibilities.

How to nominate a significant tree?

Nominations for listing or delisting can be made in writing by completing the Significant Tree Nomination Form 2023.

What happens after a tree is listed in the planning scheme?

Once a tree is listed, it will not be physically sign-posted, but details of the listing will be publicised in the Planning Scheme and on Council’s website.

Any person wanting to cut, remove or otherwise alter the state of a significant tree must contact Council as a permit may be required.

In situations where an immediate risk to public safety from a significant tree is identified, Council approval must still be obtained; and Council reserves the right to require an arborist’s assessment to be undertaken. In these circumstances the decision may be determined by the General Manager under delegated authority.

Development applications that may impact or include the removal of a tree listed in Table E24.1 are required to be assessed against the Significant Trees Code of the planning scheme.


2012-1 (refers 2012-4 and 2012-17) Data Sheet1686 Channel HighwayPin OakQuercus palustris1Public (DIER)
2012-2 Data Sheet70 Ferry Road (median strip)English OakQuercus robur6Public (DIER)
2012-3 Data Sheet26 Cutana PlacestringybarkEucalyptus obliqua2Private
2012-5 Data Sheet1631 Channel HighwayItalian PoplarPopulus nigra 'Italica'GroupPrivate
2012-7 Data Sheet1520 Channel HighwayItalian PoplarPopulus nigra 'Italica'GroupPrivate
2012-8 Data Sheet44 Windsor Streetwhite gumEucalyptus viminalis2Private
2012-9 Data Sheet11 Nierinna roadEnglish OakQuercus robur1Private
2012-10 Data SheetSouthlea-342 Proctors Roadhorse ChestnutAesculus hippocastanum1Private
2012-12 Data Sheet3 Ferry RoadEnglish OakQuercus robur9Private
2012-13 Data SheetLot 1 Alfred GardenBishop PinesPinus muricata4Public (DIER)
2012-15 Data SheetSettlers Park, Channel HighwaystringybarkEucalyptus obliqua1Council
2012-23 Data SheetDave Burrows Walk (off Derwent AvestringybarkEucalyptus obliqua1Public (Crown)
2012-24 Data SheetKingston War Memorial, cnr Freeman street & Channel HwyAleppo PinePinus halepensis1Council
2012-26 Centre of round-about, Church Street and Hutchins IntersectionLeyland Cypressx Cupressocyparis leylandii1Council
2012-32 Data Sheet70 Channel HighwaystringybarkEucalyptus obliqua1Private
2012-33 Data Sheet43-46 Beach Roadgolden elmUlmus glabra 'Lutescens'1Private
2012-34 Data SheetBlowhole Reserve, Blowhole RoadTasmanian blue gumEucalyptus globulus subsp. globulus1Council
2012-36 Data SheetGrowing in the road reserve outside 271 Roslyn Averisdon peppermintEucalyptus risdonii1Council
2012-38 Data Sheet1636 Huon RoadEnglish OakQuercus robur1Private
2012-43 Data SheetSnug Primary SchoolSweet GumLiquidambar styraciflua1Department of Education
2012-50 Data SheetCouncil road reserve, adjacent to 59 Roslyn AvenueTasmanian blue gumEucalyptus globulus subsp. globulus1Council
2013-1 Data Sheet36 Summerleas Road, KingstonEnglish OakQuercus robur3Private
(KIN-C6.5.24) Data Sheet
10 Kingston View Drive, KingstonBlue gumEucalyptus globulus subsp. globulus1Public
(KIN-C6.5.25) Data Sheet
1/12 Wyburton Place, MargateBlack gumEucalyptus ovata1Private
(KIN-C6.5.26) Data Sheet
2 Dallas Avenue, TaroonaWhite gumEucalyptus viminalis1Private
(KIN-C6.5.27.1 & KIN-C6.5.27.2) Data Sheet
Blackmans Bay Foreshore Blue gumsEucalyptus globulus subsp. globulus2Public
(KIN-C6.5.28.1 & KIN-C6.5.28.2 to KIN-C6.5.28.152 & KIN-C6.5.28.153 to KIN-C6.5.28.183) Data Sheet 1 Data Sheet 2 Data Sheet 3
Adventure Bay Foreshore Stringybark and Blue gumsE.obliqua and E.globulus subsp. globulus181Public
(KIN-C6.5.29.1 to KIN-C6.5.29.13 & KIN-C6.5.29.14 to KIN-C6.5.29.20) Data Sheet 1 Data Sheet 2
Kingston Beach ReserveBlue gums and other contributory speciesEucalyptus globulus subsp. globulus and other contributory species19Public
(KIN-C6.5.30.1 to KIN-C6.5.30.14 & KIN-C6.5.30.15 & KIN-C6.5.30.16 to KIN-C6.5.30.37) Data Sheet 1 Data Sheet 2 Data Sheet 3
Taroona ForeshoreBlue gumsEucalyptus globulus subsp. globulus36Public
(KIN-C6.5.31.1 & KIN-C6.5.31.2) Data Sheet
5 Belhaven Avenue, TaroonaPin OaksQuercus Palustris2Private
2016-1 (KIN-C6.5.32) Data Sheet7 James Avenue, KingstonWhite gumsEucalyptus viminalis2Private
(KIN-C6.5.33.1 & KIN-C6.5.33.2) Data Sheet
Road casement between 958 and 960 Killora Road, North Bruny StringybarkEucalyptus obliqua1Public