Kingborough Waste Services

Kingborough Waste Services (KWS) is a company wholly owned by the Kingborough Council that was established in 2011 to manage the waste recycling and recovery operations of the Barretta Waste and Recycling Centre.

KWS is managed by an independent Board comprising four Directors, including two external Directors and an independent Chair.

The Barretta site is a state-of-the-art waste and recycling facility that includes a Re-Use Shop, recycling and green waste areas and general waste drop off points.

Since February 2015 KWS has been contracted by Council to manage the Bruny Island Transfer Station operations. See the Recreation & Facilities Map for exact locations

KWS entered into a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with Council in 2019 to have an expanded role in the delivery of Council’s waste management services and implementation of the Council adopted Waste Management Strategy.

These services are broadly summarised as being:

  • management of the kerbside collection services;
  • management of collection services for public place bins;
  • operation of the waste transfer stations;
  • community education and awareness; and
  • strategic and business planning.

KWS is governed by its Company Constitution and the Service Level Agreement with Council and aims to deliver sustainable, value for money waste management services to the Kingborough community. We seek to ensure that the highest level of service is provided to the community at the lowest reasonable cost.

How to contact us

  • Telephone: (03) 6267 2337
  • Email:
  • Post: The Manager, Kingborough Waste Services, Locked Bag 1, Kingston 7050

More information

For details on both sites, fees, services and the Re-Use Shop, visit the below links.