Current Planning Scheme

The current Scheme for the municipality is the Kingborough Interim Planning Scheme 2015.

Planning schemes in Tasmania are statutory documents implementing the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 (LUPAA).  Each municipality in Tasmania is currently governed by an ‘interim’ scheme as part of broader planning reform that is being implemented across the whole of Tasmania by the State Government.

LUPAA identifies an assessment process for planning applications, and the Scheme provides the detailed assessment criteria to be used by Council for each application. Issues to be considered include property zone, use class, proposal design, impact on others and environmental issues.

To find out more about the planning scheme, you can visit:

Interim Planning Directive No. 4 – Exemptions, Application Requirements, Special Provisions and Zone Provisions

Incorporated PDF documents in the Kingborough Interim Planning Scheme 2015:

Kingborough Interim Planning Scheme 2015 Fact Sheets

You may also want to view the Council’s Kingborough Land Use Strategy (May, 2019) (PDF).


Consultation with Council officers prior to submitting your proposed development or use will help to ensure that all factors are considered as part of the project design, and relevant issues are identified and considered in the early stages of the proposal.

Duty Planners are available from 10am – 3pm daily to answer enquiries via email at, or phone on (03) 6211 8200. Due to the current situation with Covid19, non-contact enquiries are preferred, but if you wish to have a face to face meeting, you will need to book by calling Customer Service on (03) 6211 8200.

  • Kingborough Council Civic Centre, 15 Channel Highway, Kingston