Electoral Signs

The following conditions apply to Election Signs in Kingborough.

Signs on Council land, as per Kingborough Council’s Roads, Parking and Stormwater By-Law

Signs on roads and footpaths
16 – (1) Unless authorised by a permit to do so, a person must not place, erect, construct or display or cause to be placed, erected, constructed or displayed a sign on a road. Penalty: Fine not exceeding 5 penalty units.


Election signs on private land, as per the Kingborough Interim Planning Scheme 2015

An election sign is exempt from requiring a planning permit if the following conditions apply:

  • A sign must not contain flashing lights, moving parts or moving or changing messages or graphics
  • An illuminated sign must not be located within 30 metres of a residential use
  • Signs must not obscure or prevent or delay a driver from seeing a Statutory Sign or a Tourist Information Sign
  • Signs must not resemble Statutory Signs because of the same or similar shape, size, design, colour, letter size or lighting
  • The sign is not being placed on a Heritage Place listed in the Historic Heritage Code or within a Heritage Precinct or Cultural Landscape Precinct
  • The sign is not being placed on a property in the Utilities Zone
  • The sign…
    • has an area of face no more than 1m²,
    • is displayed only between the issuing of a writ for an election and 7 days after the election, and
    • does not encroach on any road or other public reservation.

Should the election sign not meet all of these conditions, a planning permit will be required. Please visit the Planning Process Page on Council’s website for information on lodging an application.