Skip Bins / Containers / Trailers / Caravans

Please refer to our Skip Bin Guidelines (PDF) for information on the skip bin permit conditions and requirements. Any shipping container, trailer, caravan or boat left on the road reserve is also applicable under this permit.

Skip Bin / Container Application

  • When to use this form

    Please use this form to apply for a skip bin permit for the placement of a skip bin, container, or other such object on a council road reservation, including nature strips.
  • A skip bin permit will only be issued for a maximum 6 weeks. The current fee is listed in the annual Council Fees & Charges Schedule. Please note that the skip bin / container must not be placed within the road reservation or other council land until the application is approved, fee paid in full and permit issued.
  • Contact information

    Applicant contact information
  • If applicable
  • Supplier details

    Supplier of bin / container if not the applicant
  • Request details

    Skip bin / container request details
  • Please select which type of bin or storage you are applying for
  • Length (m)Width (m)Height (m)
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Please explain why you require the bin / container
  • Please explain the proposed placement of the bin / container within the road reservation, including adjacent property address
  • Please upload a site plan / location map for your proposed bin / container
    Max. file size: 64 MB.