Kingborough Multicultural Consultation

Council has developed a Draft Multicultural Action Plan based on the results of a community consultation.  This plan was endorsed by Council on 17 June 2024 and is now being released for feedback.

The draft plan can be viewed here: Draft Multicultural Action Plan

The Draft Action Plan encompasses four main themes:

  • Celebration
  • Communication
  • Inclusion and education
  • Improving outcomes

To provide your submission please email with the subject Multicultural Action Plan or written submissions can be sent to 15 Channel Highway, Kingston, Tasmania, 7050.

Submissions are open until 9 July.


Previous Consultation

A community survey was open from 14 September to the 23 October. The results from the survey informed the development of a Multicultural Action Plan for Kingborough.

The results of the consultation can be found here: Multicultural Public Consultation Report

Kingborough Council is committed to creating a community that is inclusive, safe, welcoming and respectful for all.

Kingborough has one of the highest multicultural populations, with over 21% of residents born overseas here, compared the rest of Tasmania which has 15% born overseas.

To better understand and address the needs of our multicultural communities, Council formed a Multicultural Advisory Group with members of the community and Councillors. The Advisory Group helped Council engage with the Kingborough’s multicultural communities through this survey.

Multicultural Advisory Group

COUNCIL: On 19 December 2022, Council approved the Multicultural Advisory Group being convened to engage with the community and develop a Multicultural Action Plan.

EOI: Expressions of interest were open between 8 May and 5 June 2023 to anyone with a multicultural background or who is involved with delivering services to Kingborough’s community who wish to take part in the Multicultural Advisory Group.

PURPOSE: The Multicultural Advisory Group will help shape Council’s engagement with the community, enabling Council to develop a Multicultural Action Plan in the near future.

Chairperson – Mayor Paula Wriedt

Deputy Chair – Cr. Aldo Antolli and Cr. Kaspar Deane

Terms of Reference