Updates and overview of process


The Tasmanian State Government is moving all Councils to a single Planning Scheme, known as the Tasmanian Planning Scheme. The Tasmanian Planning Scheme is made up of two parts: the State Planning Provisions (SPPs) and Local Provisions Schedules (LPS). The diagram below shows how they fit together.

Planning : IDTPS : flowchart

The State Planning Provisions (SPPs) are the planning rules, standardised zones and codes, approved by the Minister for Planning. They will apply across Tasmania.

Each Council area will also have a Local Provisions Schedule (LPS) that sets out where the zones and codes will apply.

Kingborough’s Draft LPS was submitted to the Tasmanian Planning Commission (TPC) for approval.

Once the TPC approves the Draft Kingborough LPS for exhibition, Council will enter an exhibition period where consultation with the community about the new planning scheme will occur.

More information about the Tasmanian Planning Scheme is available on the Tasmanian Planning Commission’s Website.


13 March 2024 – Council received an update from Tasmanian Planning Commission on 13 March 2024, indicating that they are still busy with their assessment of the Kingborough Draft Local Provisions Schedule (i.e. Kingborough component of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme).

We anticipate that the Commission will require Council to make changes to the Draft Local Provisions Schedule before it is exhibited for public comment.

Once the Commission is satisfied that the Draft Local Provisions Schedule meets all legislative requirements, they will advise Council to begin the process to seek community input on the new scheme. That process will be informed through an extensive communications campaign.

If you are interested in being informed when the exhibition period will commence, please fill out the NOTIFICATION OF EXHIBITION PERIOD form here.


Below is a diagram describing the Draft Planning Scheme Process.


The Tasmanian Planning Commission (TPC) will instruct Kingborough Council when the exhibition period will start. During the exhibition period, Council will provide maps and information, public information sessions and have conversations to help people understand what zoning and overlays are proposed for their land. We will also be encouraging people to make a representation (public submission) to indicate support or to raise objections or concerns with any planning changes proposed. MORE information and factsheets will be available once the exhibition period commences.



To make a representation during the exhibition period, you can fill out an online representation form which will become available when the exhibition period begins.

Alternatively, you can address your written representation to the General Manager, Kingborough Council with reference “Kingborough Draft Local Provisions Schedule” and;

  • hand deliver to Kingborough Council Civic Centre, 15 Channel Highway, Kingston or the service centre at Alonnah on Bruny Island;
  • mail to Kingborough Council, Locked Bag 1, Kingston TAS 7050; or
  • email to kc@kingborough.tas.gov.au



Following the exhibition period, a report will be presented to Council about the representations received. Council may, in light of any representations received, request the TPC makes changes to the draft planning scheme. The Council Report will be available to be viewed by the community in the Council Agenda. The community can also attend or watch the Council Meeting (live streamed on Youtube).



The Tasmanian Planning Commission will make an independent assessment in regard to the content, merit and compliance of the draft planning scheme for Kingborough, following receipt of Council’s report on the outcomes of the exhibition period.

The Commission will hold hearings about all representations received, unless:

  • you have indicated support for and no opposition to any aspect of the draft scheme;
  • you have advised you do not wish to be heard; or
  • you have pointed out an error, anomaly, inconsistency, or drafting problem in the draft scheme.

The hearings may result in further changes to the draft scheme, which may then be re-advertised if those changes are considered significant.



When the TPC is satisfied that no further amendments or hearings are required, it will publish its decision and announce the date that the new Planning Scheme will come into effect.