The State Planning Provisions

The State Planning Provisions (SPPs) includes the identification and purpose, the administrative requirements and processes, including exemptions from the planning scheme and general provisions that apply to all use and development irrespective of the zone, the zones with standard use and development provisions, and the codes with standard provisions.  The SPP’s set out the requirement for the Local Provisions Schedules (LPS).

The SPP’s have been written by the State Government and must be administered by the applicable planning authority (Councils).  The SPP’s are available on the State Governments ‘Planning Reform’ part of their website, however it is only provided as a single document.  To assist ease of people getting to the part that they are most interested in (ie the zone that will apply to their property), we have split the document into separate PDF documents for each Zone and Overlay.

Please be advised, as Kingborough gets closer to the Public Exhibition period, there will be additional information provided including instruction on how to compare the old to the new, where to find additional Planning Scheme changes you may be interested in, how to make a submission, amongst other information.  This will include communication through social and traditional media, online and public information sessions hosted at several locations through the municipality.  At this stage, we want to keep the communication simpler until we are closer to that stage so it has the best relevance for those interested or affected.