Smoke-free Areas

This engagement is now closed.  It was open from 30 April – 28 May 2024.

This initial consultation aimed to start a conversation with you around smoke-free spaces.  The responses received will be used to guide future directions in this area.  We will advise the community of the outcome of the consultation and if further engagement is required.

Did you know….

  • Smoke-free areas are regulated under the Public Health Act 1997.
  • Under the Public Health Act areas such as indoor restaurants and shops, within 3 metres of an entry to a public building, pedestrian malls, outdoor dining areas (at times when food can be eaten), within 10 metres of playground equipment, bus malls and within 3 metres of bus shelters are all declared smoke free areas.
  • In these smoke-free areas you cannot use any tobacco products, electronic cigarettes such as vapes, herbal cigarettes, and non-tobacco cigarettes.
  • Council has powers under the Public Health Act to declare Council owned areas as smoke-free areas.
  • Council has previously declared Kingston Park and The Community Hub as Council owned smoke-free areas.