Road maintenance

Sealed roads

We undertake ongoing maintenance to our sealed road network. The repairs rely on fine weather using a ‘spray seal’ or asphalt. In difficult weather conditions we may use FCR gravel as a temporary measure.

We also have an annual road resealing program which is a rolling program where roads are re-sealed on a regular basis depending on the type of seal, traffic volumes and other contributing factors such as maintenance activity.  Re-sealing is important to prevent moisture getting into the road base and to ensure the road stays safe.

The work involves the application of an aggregate or ‘chip seal’ in various grades depending on the road, its slope and its traffic. Turning bays or cul-de-sacs are often treated with a new asphalt overlay so that the surface can handle the stress of large heavy vehicles such as garbage trucks and buses.

Unsealed roads

Unsealed roads that are arterial roads and school bus routes are given priority for maintenance services, and our grading program works from area to area to maintain efficiency. In addition to grading, Council fills potholes until grading is scheduled.

Vegetation management

We manage and maintain roadside vegetation on Council roads. This includes spraying vegetation using government approved sprays. If you don’t want your property sprayed, you can apply to be added to our No Spray Register during the application period.

The application period has closed for 2017-18. The application period will open in early May 2018, for properties wishing to be added to the 2018-20 No Spray Register 

For more information, see:

No Spray Register Policy (PDF)