Footpaths and Property Access


Council is responsible for the provision and maintenance of all footpaths in Kingborough. We have an ongoing program in accordance with our Footpath Maintenance and Provision Policy that aims to:

  • Make sure that all residential streets have a sealed footpath on at least one side of street; and
  • Make sure that all important pedestrian routes to shops, schools and businesses have a sealed footpath on both sides of the road.

Property Access

Who is responsible to provide and maintain the access to your property?
Property owners are responsible for the provision and maintenance of their driveway access including the vehicular crossing to the street. This includes cleaning out the drain (known as the culvert) under driveways. It is important to note, however, that the crossing’s design and construction must be in accordance with Council standards. The only exception to the above is where Council constructs or reconstructs a Council road, in which case one normal crossing will be provided to each property free of charge.

Who can I get to construct the crossing?
It is recommended you engage a contractor to construct the crossing.

What is the procedure for constructing the crossing?
You are required to lodge an Road Works Permit Application. The application incurs a fee in accordance with Council’s Fees and Charges Schedule. The permit conditions require Council inspections at various stages of construction. Council will provide you with a crossing design and specifications.

Please note: It is illegal to construct a crossing without a permit from Council. Property owners with illegal crossings may be liable for prosecution.