Sharing the Road with Wildlife

The Kingborough municipality has a large network of rural roads where wildlife activity is high, especially from dusk to dawn.

When driving on Kingborough’s roads please:

  • Adhere to all road signage, and drive to the road and weather conditions.
  • Take extra care and slow down between dusk and dawn, as this is when Tasmanian wildlife is most active.
  • Maintain a safe speed so you will have more time to avoid an animal on the road in a controlled manner.
  • Don’t throw food out of your car as this may attract wildlife to the roadside.
  • For your safety and the safety of passengers and oncoming traffic, do not swerve around animals on the road. This sudden action increases the chance of an accident occurring. If an animal cannot be avoided safely, you may have to hit it to avoid injury or death to yourself and others.

If you come across roadkill that needs to be removed from the road, please report it to us on 6211 8200.

Injured Animal Rescue

Bonorong operates Tasmania’s largest 24-hour wildlife rescue service. This service provides safety and care to thousands of animals every year.

Wildlife Black Spots

If you wish to request that a section of road be considered as a wildlife black spot, please read the Wildlife Black Spot Request Information Sheet (PDF) and contact us.

Information and Resources

The Tasmanian Government provides further resources including a Tasmanian roadkill reporter app and an online roadkill reporting form.