Road Works Permits

If you are a contractor, construction worker or individual planning works that involve occupation or excavation within a Council road reservation (including nature strips and footpaths) you require a road works permit (for excavation works) or a road occupation permit (for non-excavation works).

Road works permits – DBYD PermitAccess

We have implemented a trial cloud based DBYD excavation permit solution called PermitAccess which facilitates the application, review, and approval of excavation works within Council road reserves.

PermitAccess combines the processes of submitting a Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) excavation enquiry and applying for a Council road works permit when the excavation work is within the Council road reserve.

If you wish to lodge a works permit for excavation works, please first submit a DBYD which, if applicable, will then lodge a road works permit request with Council.

For PermitAccess assistance please refer to the Kingborough DBYD PermitAccess Guidelines (PDF).

Road occupation permits

If you require a road occupation permit for non-excavation works (such as traffic control, cranes, scaffolding, or temporary fencing) please complete the road occupation permit application form.