Recycled Roads in Kingston

The following products are being recycled into the road material for the resealing of Baynton Street, Harris Court, Lucas Street and Cleburne Street:

– 229,000 glass bottles
– 616,000 plastic bags
– 14,000 toner Cartridges
– 78 tonne of recycled asphalt

Baynton Street and Harris Court have been completed, and Lucas Street and Cleburne Street will be done during the week of 26 to 30 August, weather permitting.

Council is pleased to be using this advanced material to divert waste from landfill. The plastics are melted down into the product so that no micro-plastics are present and do not enter the environment. This is our way of closing the loop on recycling in real and practical terms, which will also improve the life of our roads.

You can recycle your plastic bags at Coles and Woolworth stores in Kingston in the REDcycle bin. These soft plastics will make their way into our roads for the future.

Kingborough Council and Downer have partnered with resource recovery and recycling companies Close the Loop and RED Group to set this new benchmark in sustainability.

Reconophalt – the recycled road material on Baynton Street in Kingston