Stormwater Management

Stormwater System Management Plan

Under the Urban Drainage Act 2013 Council must develop a stormwater system management plan (SSMP) for the urban areas of its municipality. The SSMP represents a preliminary assessment of Council’s stormwater systems and is a live document, where future, more detailed investigations of identified issues will refine the level of details presented in the SSMP.

The SSMP consists of several investigations, these are:

  • A high-level assessment of the current level of service provided by Council’s stormwater network;
  • A preliminary identification of areas exposed to elevated flood risk from overland flow; and
  • An identification of stormwater management opportunities available for Council to consider to improve the current level of service provided to the community.

View the SSMP and attachments:

It should be noted that the Kingston CBD and Blackmans Bay Catchment Resilience Programs (published under Flood Studies) have already progressed beyond the SSMP in terms of detailed analysis for the respective areas. These studies did however build on preliminary results from the SSMP provided to the consultants.