Food Organics & Garden Organics – Kerbside Collection Service

The fortnightly kerbside FOGO collection service is provided to properties on the current kerbside collection service.

See here for the range of compostable items that can go into your FOGO bin. 

To opt in to the kerbside FOGO service or request another bin please complete the Opt-In Form below. Please have your property identification number (PID) ready as this is a requirement of the form. This is the number on your rates notice. 

If you are already on the FOGO collection service and would like a kitchen caddy please email and request one.

If you have decided to try Home Composting and no longer require your FOGO bin you can use the Opt-Out form below. 

Collection Days

FOGO Frequently asked questions

What is FOGO?

  • FOGO stands for Food Organics and Garden Organics. The kerbside collection service is for both food and garden waste including kitchen scraps, lawn clippings and small branches. It is an extension of the existing green waste service which has been adopted by over 7,500 Kingborough homes since it started in 2019.

Why has Kingborough Council introduced a Kerbside FOGO service?

  • We know that approximately 50% of the average household waste bin in Kingborough is food and a further 10% is garden waste. Collecting the organic material and diverting organics from landfill helps mitigate climate change. When buried in landfill, green waste undergoes decomposition and creates toxic methane gas which is harmful to the environment. When diverted from landfill and turned into compost, green waste is a valuable matter which can isolate carbon from the air and put it back into the soil.

How does it work?

  • Residents who currently already have a green waste organics service can now start adding food organics to their existing green lidded wheelie bin from the 4 October 2021 (a new or additional bin is not required). Households that do not have an existing organics service can opt in and will receive a 240L green lidded bin.

Who is eligible for the FOGO service?

  • Any property that is currently on the kerbside collection service route can opt-in to the FOGO service.

Will I get a 4th Bin?

  • If you already have a green waste service you can put food organics into your existing 240L light green lidded green waste bin. If you are new to the service you will receive a 240L light green lidded bin for both food and garden organics.

Who can opt into the FOGO service?

  • If you are on the current kerbside general waste and recycling service you can opt-in to the service at the Kingborough Council website
  • Only the property owner can request to opt-in to service as the service fee is applied to the property owner’s rates notice, not to the tenant. If you are a tenant of a property in a current waste and recycling collection area and do not receive FOGO service, contact your landlord to discuss opting-in and any associated costs.
  • Unfortunately, if you are not on the current kerbside general waste and recycling service you will not be able to opt-in to the service.

Can I opt-out of the FOGO service?

  • If you do not wish to be part of the service, you can opt-out by completing the online opt-out form on Council’s website at or alternatively you can visit the Council Civic Centre in Kingston to complete the form. Once your service has ceased a corresponding pro rata credit will be listed against your account based on the service time remaining for the year. 

Can I have additional bins?

  • Yes, provided the application is made by the property owner you can have multiple bins with a further service charge applying to each bin. Applications need to be made in writing to or at 

What can I put in my FOGO bin?

  • Food scraps and left overs
  • Dairy products
  • Meat, bones and egg shells
  • Cooked food
  • Coffee grounds and tea leaves
  • Paper towel and tissues
  • Soiled paper and cardboard
  • Shredded paper
  • Pet poo and organic cat litter
  • Weeds
  • Grass clippings
  • Flowers
  • Leaves
  • Prunings
  • Twigs
  • Small branches (shorter than 30cm and less than 10cm in diameter)
  • Certified compostable bags*

* Compostable bioplastic products that are certified under one of the following certifications; AS5810, AS 4736, ASTM D6400, and EN13432 can be placed in your FOGO bin. If you are unsure whether a product is compostable please do not put it in the FOGO bin.

What can’t I put in my FOGO bin?

  • Soil
  • Large branches and logs
  • Concrete/ Rock / Ceramics
  • General waste or recycling
  • Plastic
  • Plastic bags
  • Metal
  • Building materials
  • Nappies
  • Textiles
  • Plastic or bio-degradable bags
  • PLA#7 takeaway packaging
  • The kitchen caddy

When will my FOGO bin be collected?

  • The fortnightly service empties your FOGO bin the same day as your current kerbside recycling bin but on the opposite week.

Can I put Nappies in my FOGO bin?

  • Only compostable nappies that are certified under one of the following certifications; AS5810, AS 4736, ASTM D6400, and EN13432 can be placed in your FOGO bin. If you are unsure whether a Nappy is compostable please do not put it in the FOGO bin.

Can tea bags be put in the FOGO bin?

  • Yes, however if the tag has a metal staple in it that would need to be removed, the string is fine, just not the metal.

Can glossy magazines go in the FOGO bin?

  • Glossy magazines are better suited for recycling and should go in your kerbside recycling bin.

What happens to the FOGO Once it is collected?

  • The collection vehicles transport the collected green waste to a depot in Brighton for decontamination and transport to the Pure Living Soils composting facility. The green waste is then chipped and goes through a regulated process to produce compost and mulch.

Can I use bin liners

  • It is strongly preferred that residents do not use liners and use paper instead, however if you wish to use a compostable bioplastic liner it must be certified under one of the following certifications: AS 5810, AS 4736, ASTM D6400, and EN13432. To reduce the risk of contamination it is preferred FOGO users put their scraps in loose as plastic bin liners contaminate loads. Residents can use a piece of paper towel to line their kitchen caddy or can fold a purpose made liner from newspaper. Instructions for folding a newspaper liner.

Will my bin smell?

  • Not if you follow these few handy tips:
    • Freeze fish and meat waste and put in your FOGO bin the morning of collection.
    • Try making a kitchen caddy liner from newspaper.
    • Use a sprinkling of bicarbonate soda to deodorise your bin.
    • Layer your food waste with garden waste such as lawn clippings and leaf litter.
    • Rinse your bin out regularly and let it dry completely.
    • Keep your bin in the shade if possible.