No Waste Nothing

An education campaign ‘No Waste Nothing’ was created to address the many ways that community members can avoid sending waste to landfill. The campaign’s central character, Mamma Rosa is played by comedian Rose Ottavi-Kokkoris.

The ‘No Waste Nothing’ campaign features short videos of Mamma Rosa sharing tips for the home to reduce and avoid waste going to landfill.

About Mamma Rosa

“Mamma Rosa is an amalgamation of my Italian heritage, my passion for food, my love of song and storytelling and my absolute commitment for striving for an all-inclusive community based on environmentalism. My Mamma Rosa character was created by accident about 12 years ago after beginning my career in stand-up comedy in 2007. I quickly realised that character comedy was my calling and that I could make a difference and raise community awareness by using humour to break down barriers and tackle difficult problems. When I was growing up my parents always said “no waste nothing” and that has stayed with me all my life. I do my best to live a waste free life and want to spread that message far and wide,”

Rose Ottavi-Kokkoris, Tasmanian Actor.

No Waste Nothing Videos