Martial Arts

Kugatsu judo club

Kugatsu judo club Kingston session times:
Monday night 6.00  – 7.00  juniors all grades
Monday night 6.00  – 7.30 seniors all grades
Wednesday 6.00  – 7.30 seniors all grades

Sensei Steve Kelly has over 57 years’ experience as Jodoka and over 30  years’ experience as instructor.  Kugatsu has an impressive list of  Australian and Oceania champions including 4 Olympians and 15  Australian champions since it’s founding 49 years ago.

Senior classes are based around teaching to using both power and technique in the application of Judo techniques.  Junior classes teach  kids to be self-confident and resilient, which is ever so important in todays society.

Kugatsu Judo Club is a great club to learn, to get fit and have a laugh.

kugatsu web page: www.kugatsujudotas.com
judo tasmania web page: www.judotasmania.org.au

Eagling’s Taekwondo

Eagling’s Taekwondo was founded by the Late Dale Eagling in 1971 and is Tasmania’s oldest Taekwondo Club and one of the oldest clubs in Australia.
Our Taekwondo program is designed to increase self-confidence, self-esteem and enable our members to make the best of the opportunities available to them in life.

Eagling’s Taekwondo provides a safe and professional environment for you and your family to train. Eagling’s Taekwondo is an accredited “child safe” organization with ChildWise and all our Instructors are accredited coaches and have current working with children qualifications. We encourage you to try out Taekwondo as a benefit both physically and mentally.

We provide a dynamic learning environment to help all our members develop valuable learning, listening and life skills. We deliver mental and physical development benefits that will assist you at work, school and at home in a fun and safe learning environment. We provide training in methods for dealing with situations in life that involve aggressive and confronting situations.

Our high-energy classes are designed to keep you fit, healthy and engaged to achieve strong mental and physical skills to build a strong and healthy lifestyle.

Taekwondo is the ideal sport for the whole family. Taekwondo promotes fitness and reinforces positive social attitudes and values amongst its members. You don’t need to be fit to start and we take students from 4 years old.

Eagling’s Taekwondo is a full member of Sports Taekwondo Australia, the recognised National Sporting Organisation for Olympic Taekwondo in Australia.

Eagling’s Taekwondo operate classes at the Kingborough Sports Centre on Tuesday evenings from 6.30pm in the Fitness Centre Aerobics room.
Please see our website for full details regarding our club. www.eaglingstaekwondo.com.au or contact us for more:
P: 1300 133 093 | F: 03 6275 2617 | E: HughEagling@bigpond.com

Wing Chun Kung Fu

The Tas Wing Chun Training Centre is located at Kingborough Sports Centre on Kingston View Drive, Kingston and is the Tasmanian Headquarters of the GTWCKFA (Global Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Association). This full time, purpose designed training area is specifically set out for all your training needs. Just 10 minutes drive south of Hobart via the Southern Outlet.

The Tas Wing Chun Training Centre boasts a massive floor space and has a huge range of training equipment including adult & children wooden dummies, mirrors, wall-striking bags, iron palm training area, heavy bags, kick shields, focus pads, mitts, speed balls, grappling dummies, weapons and over 160 interlocking 40mm jigsaw mats for the comfort and safety of all students. A tv and play room is also available for families and visitors. A minimum of 16 classes per week are conducted at the Headquarters including our specialised Kung Fu 4 Kids & Iso Chi Programs. Private tuition and access for students during out of class hours is also available. Access to the sports centres facilities are also available including toilets, change rooms and a cafe for drinks and nibbles just to mention a few. Ample FREE parking is another asset as well as the use of other sporting facilities.

Attendance is by appointment ONLY.  Book via our online booking service, email or phone number listed below.

Classes are personally conducted by Tasmanian Chief Instructor Si-Fu Leigh.
Contact taswingchun@hotmail.com or Ph. 0429 107 108
Website: http://www.wingchuntasmania.com