Hobart City Deal

The Hobart City Deal is a 10 year partnership between the Clarence, Glenorchy, Hobart and Kingborough councils, the Tasmanian and Australian Governments.  The City Deal provides a framework to guide and encourage further investment across Greater Hobart embracing opportunities for growth and addressing key strategic and infrastructure challenges.  The Hobart City Deal Implementation Plan is a rolling three year action plan to support the delivery of the commitments identified in the Hobart City Deal.

What does the City Deal mean for Kingborough Council?

Under the Kingston Congestion Package, we are supporting park and ride facilities at Huntingfield and Firthside and expanded bus services to encourage more people to use public transport; and we are upgrading the Kingston Town Centre through the Kingston Place Strategy.

We are also promoting the Greater Hobart Digital Twin project and the Greater Hobart Smart Precincts Strategy, initiatives which will support the digital transformation of Greater Hobart.

The Greater Hobart Strategic Partnership is a collaboration between the Clarence, Glenorchy, Hobart and Kingborough councils to implement the Greater Hobart Act 2019 Work Plan and to deliver the Hobart City Deal projects.


The Mayors and General Managers of the Greater Hobart Councils are the Steering Committee for this Partnership and provide high level strategic oversight.

Greater Hobart is already home to around 199 000 people and is expected to reach 227 000 residents by 2040. Integrated planning and development is vital to guide development and planning across Greater Hobart for the next 30 years, and to ensure it grows to be a thriving and an inspiring place to live.

The Greater Hobart Strategic Partnership also collaborates to strategically advocate for the residents of Greater Hobart as it changes and grows.

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The councils jointly fund the role of the Executive Officer, Greater Hobart Strategic Partnership to support the councils to implement the Greater Hobart Act and Hobart City Deal. For further information about the Greater Hobart Strategic Partnership contact Joe Fennessy at fennessyj@hobartcity.com.au

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