Kingston Park

Temporary public parking is currently provided within Kingston Park. This amount of free all-day public parking, however, will not be provided within the eventual development. As the existing parking areas are removed, new public parking areas will be provided to meet the internal needs of Kingston Park.

Parking Changes

The temporary carpark off Skipper Lane will be available for approximately five years before this land is developed. It will be replaced by additional on-street public parking, and additional spaces within the private multi-storey parking facility.
Parking is also available on Sparrowhawk Street which is located next to the playground. 3-hour limits apply to these spaces.

Future Parking

It is proposed that the following spaces be provided:

  • 80 spaces for the Community Hub (as per its planning permit),
  • approximately 30 spaces for the users of the public open space, and
  • 40 spaces to replace those lost from the existing John Street car park.
  • Private developments will need to provide parking for their own needs.

With the further development in central Kingston, Council acknowledges the demand for all-day parking will increase.  We also recognise it is also important that there are good bus services, both into Kingston and Hobart, to encourage use of buses over cars. A convenient and good quality bus service will be an important part in creating a sustainable and viable CBD.  Council is working closely with Metro and the Department of State Growth to explore more frequent bus services within suburban areas, and the need for park-and-ride facilities.