Residential & Commercial Development

Kingston Park

The consultant firm NAVIRE was appointed as Council’s Property Advisor in 2017. NAVRIE developed a land release strategy that provided Council with the necessary blueprint to follow in staging the sale of land within Kingston Park.

The land parcels that were identified as being potentially suitable for private development in accordance with the original Site Development are shown below. The red, grey and blue areas were identified for private development. The green area is public open space and the yellow area is for public facilities.

Primary Developer

In 2018, following Council’s release of an Expression of Interest Package and subsequent responses, Traders in Purple were announced as the primary developer.

Traders in Purple have completed 60 projects in the Sutherland, Illawarra and Moreton Bay regions over nearly 40 years. They have also purchased and are developing two major properties in Northern Tasmania. Traders in Purple are excited to deliver a transformational, landmark project for the Kingborough municipality. Their proposed development for Kingston Park is shown below. The development will consist of a mix of residential dwellings, retail, other commercial uses, a cinema and parking.

The Development Application for Stage 1 (the southern precinct) has been approved and construction will commence towards the middle of 2020.  To register your interest in purchasing a home within Stage 1 and for more information about Traders in Purple, please visit their website:  Kings Quarter at Kingston Park, Traders In Purple

Development of the parcels of land shown below, is anticipated to take place over a period of about 8-10 years and will evolve and change slightly over time.  The future commercial development aims to maximise employment opportunities and to provide for local entertainment attractions.

Click on the map to see the stages.