Summerleas Road Underpass

Council is constructing an underpass on Summerleas Road to improve safety for all pedestrians, cyclists, and community members. This underpass will provide healthier transport options for moving about throughout Kingston.

The underpass will allow commuters to travel off road from Springfarm and Whitewater communities via the Whitewater Creek Track past Kingston Park and the Kingborough Community Hub to reach services and shops within the Kingston CBD.

Once finished, the Summerleas Road underpass will serve as a vital connection, completing a network of pathways for off-road commuting, catering to the needs of local residents.

Traffic Changes

Work will start on the site on Friday, 7 June 2024.  Motorists may experience some travel disruptions for the initial two weeks.

To install the new infrastructure, it will be necessary to close Summerleas Road between Whitewater Crescent and Queens Parade from Monday 24 June 2024 for up to 10 weeks weather dependent.

To ease pressure on the residential roads, we are encouraging all motorists to use Huon Highway to access Kingston CBD, Kingston High School and all the sporting and recreational facilities in the area.

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Bus Diversion

Public buses will need to follow the detour route but services to the Queens Parade/Greenhill Drive area will remain unaffected.  See below for affected routes:

  • Tassielink routes 710, 711, 712, 714, 715, 716, 718, 719
  • Metro route 429

Bus Stop Changes

The Metro bus stop just past the roundabout, out the front of 53 Summerleas Road, will be temporarily moved to Whitewater Crescent between numbers 3 and 5.

The informal Tassielink bus stop outside 100 Summerleas Road will be inaccessible and relocated to 130 Summerleas Road.

Pedestrian Management

From Tuesday 11 June 2024, the section of Whitewater Track (illustrated in map below) will be closed to pedestrians with a pedestrian detour in place for the length of the work. Please follow all signage in the area.


Council is committed to balancing the protection of our natural environment, with an objective to build safe walkways to encourage active transport into Kingston.

The new underpass is being constructed in a sensitive environment next to Whitewater Creek. As we value the contribution trees make to the health of urban areas, Council has designed the work to minimise the impact on the creek and the mature trees beside it as much as possible. Unfortunately, some eucalypts will be removed to allow the underpass to be put in place.  The decision to remove the trees has been made on the basis that the value of the trees has been assessed under relevant legislation and an arborist was engaged to determine which trees could survive the construction works.  The creek and remaining native vegetation next to the site will be protected during construction to limit any impact of the works.

Why an underpass?

Due to the physical constraints of the site an underpass was the only feasible solution for improved pedestrian safety in the area.

Constraints include a blind corner, narrow road width and not enough room to construct an overpass.


This project is funded by a $750,000 Greater Hobart City Deal grant and Council Capital funds of $1 million.


For all enquiries please contact Council on 6211 8200 and ask to speak to the Project Manager for the Summerleas Underpass or email